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We are a web design agency based in Manchester providing Bespoke website design services for businesses of all sizes. We have designed and built websites for business of all industries and sizes to attract new customers and generate new leads for their businesses. 

Web Design, Why Is It Important?

It’s not just about the content on your website but it is also about the layout, design and ease of use for your users and potential customers. You should think of your website as a digital shop window. Web design is an important aspect of your business and when it comes to the design and build content creation works hand in hand. When and if you have physical location (brick and mortar store) you wouldn’t have all your items cluttered in one corner, you would organise everything for ease of use for your customers that come and visit but also have an attractive decor, the same goes for your website.

Web Design Has Many Important Factors

Layout & Design

Your layout should be simple yet attractive and easy to navigate. It should take a website user no more than 3 clicks to get where they want to go.


SEO (Search engine optimisation) covers a broad area ranging from page speed, internal links, backlinks, image size and much, much more.

Caching & Performance

Cache can play a huge part of your websites performance. Cache memory can affect a websites performancebecause the webpage might not respond because of the CPU being occupied with too much memory.

Sitemaps & Robots TXT

A site map is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. A site map can be a hierarchical list of pages (with links) organised by topic, an organisation chart, or an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots. A Robots.txt simply tells search engine crawlers which part to and not to crawl.

Content Creation

Your content creation needs to be fresh and consistent and relevant to your brand design. Using brand colours will set you apart and make you easily identifiable.

Page Speed

Ideally your page speed needs to be maximum of 3 seconds to load. Any more your website users will get bored and your user retention rate will drop.


Intergration is important in terms of connecting your business website with clients. Integrating apps and plugins can impact your business in more ways than one it can effect your business negatively if you don’t set them up properly.


Ecommerce web design is a lot more difficult than just design your standard multi-page web design. There is a lot more to take into consideration such as payment portals, user accounts, page speed, tracking for retargeting purposes and much more.

Web Design Manchester

We have many ongoing projects regarding our website design projects in manchester. We are often asked if we consult face to face regarding our web design services. We often meet our clients face to face, not only for peace of mind for the client but also to establish a working relationship and a build rapport. We actually recommend to meet in person or via skype for much more clarity regarding the brief of the layout and content of the web design project. If you would like discuss a meeting with us please get in touch.

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