Hey guys and welcome to the first step of creating your ultimate marketing strategy .

You’ve come here for one simple reason and one reason only because you’re struggling with your online marketing. One of the most common mistakes with marketing is forcing your brand on potential customers. You may think that the more a customer sees your product or service the more they will be inclined to use you or buy your product….that’s where you’re wrong!

Forget what you have been told about posting ads of your product and service and focus more on your customers. If you’re at the advertising stage then you must have your product or service perfected, so stop focusing on it and start focusing on your audience. You sell the benefits of your service to the customer….that is the key to marketing.

One thing I came across recently as I were researching online was a five step marketing formula that can boost your strategies and potentially triple your conversion rate. I have based this blog post around that formula and laid out a step by step process that helps you generate the ultimate marketing campaign. All of the steps in the formula are very basic when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy but they work unbelievably well and are more than often forgotten by people and businesses when it comes to advertising their business.

I use this very simple 5 step formula in all of my advertising whether it be by email, social media marketing or google ads and you wouldn’t believe the results it generates. This formula is unbelievably simple and once applied to a campaign you will apply it to everything you do in order to achieve anything you want, I swear by it and now i’m going to share it with you.

Step One
Emotionally compelling content.

Why did you create this business? What does your business offer your customers that will benefit them? What makes you different than your competitors?

These are your unique selling points that you SHOULD be advertising and not your product or service. Let me put it another way, you’re sat at home watching TV and the adverts come on. It’s an advert for a holiday destination, they show you the crystal clear waters and beautiful white sandy beaches, the villa with private swimming pool with a poolside bar and the restaurant with amazing food. At the end they show you the price and where you can book this holiday within the added time slot. Did you notice what they did? They play on your wants and needs, they make you so amazed by the beauty of this product and explain why it is such an amazing deal that can’t be missed and make you believe that you need that holiday that they don’t even have to sell you the holiday at the end because you just want to snatch it from them.

Step Two
Your Promise

What promise are you making to your customers? What benefit or benefits are you going to offer to them that will make them believe that they need your services?

Will it increase sales somehow? Does it improve your health somehow?….you get where I’m coming from with this. These are all key benefits to play on and promote your product or service without selling to your customer like I explained in step one with the holiday.

Step Three
Unique Mechanism

This is what will set you apart from everybody else in your field. What is it that you different from everybody else? Why should your customer choose and trust you?

When you figure that out this is what will build your brand and you should base your marketing campaigns around this. This one step out of all the whole process is your golden ticket to the whole strategy.

Don’t just sit back and ponder the wonders of the earth when you try to figure this out because you won’t be as successful as you think. This one step takes research and analysis. Google your top 5 competitors in your field no matter how big and take a look at what they’re doing, what is it about them and how they market their product or service that makes them so popular and then look at the opposite, what are they lacking in? what aren’t they offering their customers what you can? combine them both together and use that as your unique selling points.

Step Four
Intellectually Interesting

The next step is making it sound as interesting as possible but you don’t want to be going into the nitty gritty detail as you will lose your customers interest or bore them to death. What you want to do is create more of a “A-HA” moment.

Doing this makes it so more appealing as if it was something so simple that they don’t know how they missed or lived without it in the first place. So let me make an example for you…Take this blog post for example, you came here because you needed help with your marketing yes? I introduced a five step formula to you and not to just bombard your audience with spam ads of your product saying buy now, you’ve read through these techniques and now it’s clicked that all you have to do is simply play on the wants and needs of your audience before you offer your solution (your product/service). That is your “A-HA” moment, this is what I need to do to get my clients interested in me.

Step Five
The Big Idea

The fifth and final step is the whole package.

  1. So you have your emotionally compelling content drawing in your customers attention with an attractive headline, image or video.
  2. Leading to your promise. What do you have to offer that will benefit your customers and change their whole thought about your product or service?
  3. What is your unique mechanism? Something that makes you different and stand out from all your competitors that you can offer above the rest.
  4. Intellectually interesting. What is your “A-HA” moment. Make them realise something that they think they’ve been missing out on.

The big idea is your solution to all of their problems. The big moment they’ve been waiting for and that you’ve been building them up to. When they reach this moment you won’t even have to sell your services or products because they will be sat there with their card out waiting to pay you because they need and want this product. This formula has unbelievable potential as I’ve said earlier it’s the formula I use in all my marketing campaigns and I know it works.

After all, It’s what brought you here and it’s what made you reach the end of this post so take note and try it out for yourself and watch the difference it makes to your results.

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