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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can play a huge part for B2C (Business to Consumer) brands. Targeting your audience exactly where they spend a large portion of their free time. Implementing marketing strategies via social media though isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Social media marketing, what you need to know.

Social media marketing isn’t as easy as a lot of people business owners make it out to be. To be successful you need to have a strategy in place and schedule you’re content in advance. Review your insights regularly to see how your audience is reacting and engaging with your posts. Keeping ontop of your insights will allow you to review your scheduled content and also create new content to gain traction for your social media accounts. Targeted demographics is also a great social media option to place your content infront of your potential customers, be sure to not only go for the obvious demographics but to also think outside the box.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. What Should You Pay Attention To?

Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts help with time management when you have multiple projects and accounts to handle. Social media marketing can be very time consuming but it can be very rewarding if you schedule your posts according to your accounts audience insights.

Page Insights

Page insights/Audience insights are a strong foundation to helping you build a large following and increasing engagement on your accounts. Your insights provide you information on what posts created the most engagement and reach but also what time your following is most active, devices they’re using and where they are based.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads allow a lot more targeting than your regular posts on social media. Paid advertising means allocating daily, weekly or monthly budget and paying a small percentage everytime your ad is shown or clicked on. This can be a great ROI (return on investment) if set up correctly. You can learn more about doing paid ads yourself via Facebook Blueprint.

Lead Generation

There are many techniques and forms of lead generation. Moving forward through the years the digital industry has changed and it has never been more difficult than ever to generate new leads now that the internet has been more accessible for business to advertise and is now saturated with business promotions. It is key to have a digital strategy in place.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

When it comes to sponsored ads (paid adverts) split testing can be a god send. Although it seems like you’re spending a lot of your budget to begin with, you need to understand that once you have found the formula that works the ad campaigns you will have running will half and you ROI will increase.

Targeting Demographics

Targeting via demographics is a great way to get your business infront of potential customers. There are MANY options available to you through targetting whether its through various demographics, hashtags, broad audiences or fine tuned demographics.


Retargeting is a great way to increase sales from warm leads (interested customers) that have visited your website. Using a pixel or tracking code on your website will allow you to track these users and target them via paid advertising or email.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other business owners and potential customers. Whether it is a group you have created or whether you’re a member of somebody elses group, networking is a great way to generate new business and potential business partnerships.

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