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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can play a huge factor to your online presence and generating new organic traffic to your website. Increasing your website ranking on Google is a steady process over a timely period but has long lasting results that can have huge ROI for your business. 

SEO Can Drive More Traffic To Your Business!

SEO can provide a huge increase in lead generation to your website. To increase your websites ranking on Google there are a number of things that you to take into consideration. Getting backlinks to your website is one of the most important factors to consider. Increasing your page speed and having an easy to use and navigate website are next on the long list to tackle. As you can imagine SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation isn’t easy which is why majority of businesses outsource this type of work to a digital marketing agency or Web design agency. There are basic SEO options available to small or start up businesses that don’t have the budget for a monthly ongoing process. 

There is no specific right answer as to which form of SEO works the best as google is forever changing their algorithm as to how they value websites in terms of ranking.

As google is forever changing their ranking system marketers can never guarantee the timescale of how long it will take them to generate results and improve your ranking.

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SEO Process, What’s Involved?


Backlinks are an important part in the SEO process. There are multiple methods to generating backlinks some are harder to do than others. You need to be very careful with methods you choose as some are seen as negative and your website can be penalised.

Page Speed

Website page speed is up there in the top 3 when it comes to Google ranking your website. Your websites page speed needs to be optimised for both mobile and desktop. To find the faults on your website Google has testing tools to help you get the best from your site. To find faults in term of page speed you can use Googles own ‘Page Speed Insights‘.

ALT Tags

ALT Tags are often overlooked when people take SEO upon themselves. They are important when it comes to visual content on your website. ALT Tags help search engines understand what this visual content is as they only read numerical and alphabetical content so be clear with what your image or video is about and for.

Schema (Structured Data)

Schema also known as structured data is a way to let search engines crawlers know which you consider the most important parts of your site are that you want to ‘Promote on your website’.

Content Creation

Content creation is key when it comes to improving your ranking on Google. Staying consistent with new content can be challenging, although you may know your industry inside and out, how many topics can you write about and add your key words that you want to found for without over doing it?

Internal Links

Internal links are important when it comes to search engines being able to crawl your website properly and gather the important information and key words you want to be found for. You should to incorporate as many internal links to your pages throughout your website to make it as easy as possible for Google crawl your website but also easier for a website user to navigate your site.

Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions are quite possibly one of the most important factors to being found on search engines listings. The hardest part of optimising a title tag and meta description is fitting all the important information into a small word count.

Off-Page Optimisation

There is a lot considered with off-page optimisation some of which is covered above. Much of which is to do with gaining backlinks (Links from other sites to yours) as possible but these links need to be high authority and relevant to your industry.

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