Recent & Ongoing Projects

Projects 1

The Latest Project

My latest project was setting up an Independent record label. Collaborating with a lot of different industry professionals and associations. Implementing various marketing techniques which over a 6 month period of the website going live was being found in over 100 different countries and generation roughly 1000 music submissions from the website and various social media channels.
Projects 2

Lead Generation

I have tested so many different forms of lead generation on different platforms whether it be via Google, Video format, Social Media, Emails or face to face. Over time I have built myself effective formulas and techniques that I have tried and tested and given me amazing results every time.

Projects 3

Advanced Analytics

What use is having a strategy and marketing campaigns in place if you can’t track the results and seeing how your customers are reacting? I have dedicated A LOT of my time researching and learning about analytics and sat google exams to make sure I understand the ins and outs of how to track engagement and stats of various analytical reports.

Projects 4

Mobile Optimization

Having a well optimised website is EVERYTHING! Nine times out of ten a customer will be browsing your website via a mobile or a tablet. If your website doesn’t respond to these devices you have a very high chance they won’t be coming back. I have spent endless amounts of time with various styles of websites to master how to best optimise a website.

Projects 5

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

If it’s one thing I have mastered over my time in the digital marketing industry its how to engage, network and attract customers via social media. I have run so many different types of facebook ads and campaigns in the past I know what works and what doesn’t. Your audience is forever learning and they quickly learn how to blank repetitive ads so be sure to change things up from time to time.

Projects 6

Branding Strategy

Now i’m not going to lie to you I have had some very tough times when it comes to branding. I made some terrible mistakes that cost me some high profile clients all because my branding weren’t on point. When it comes to business one of the very first things you should think about throuroughly is your brand identity and what your mission is as a business.

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