Is it safe to go back to the gym

While some gyms are re-opening let’s take a closer look at some things you should really be considering before heading back in there during covid 19.

Questions you should be asking

As you all know social distancing measures have been put in place but let’s be honest how many people are abiding by them? I myself have been out and about to supermarkets, local shops and it’s as if the pandemic never existed but can you really be taking the risk? If you’re unsure about the distance you should be keeping whilst in the gym, the length of an olympic bar is the distance you should be keeping from one another. Here are some questions you should be asking management at the gym before you consider training.

Are you following the guidelines to re-opening your business?

There are certain regulations in place for public spaces (since the coronavirus outbreak) about building capacity at one time, cleaning measures and mask wearing. The building capacity will vary on the size of the gym and there will be maximum capacity guidelines to so many people per square metre of the building at any one time. There should be sanitisers on hand and materials to clean machines before use. Mask wearing regulations will vary but you can never be too safe than sorry.

What new cleaning measures do you have in place?

Be sure that your local gym is adhering to CDC (Centre for disease control) directed guidelines for public spaces. This should ease your mind and let you focus on getting that workout in effectively and carefully. We know the virus lives up to a few days on stainless steel and plastic so it’s essential to clean down equipment before and after use and to also clean your hands before and after every workout.

What are your social distancing measures? Are you limiting building capacity?

With social distancing being one of the main ways of controlling the virus, every public place should have guidelines and measures to follow to ensure safety and control of the virus. Every person should be at least 2 metres apart. If you’re unsure on how far 2 metres is, the average olympic barbell is 2.2m long which should give you plenty of space apart from others. There may also building capacity in place which allows a certain amount of entrants per square metre of the premises.

Are you requiring masks upon entry?

Whilst we know wearing a mask isn’t going to be easy whilst working out, we know that wearing a mask can limit the amount of viral droplets but not all of them. The amount of droplets spread is a lot more whilst grunting, shouting and heavy breathing compared to someone sitting quietly. Not everybody will also have a mask that will be fitted properly and more than likely there will be someone wearing a mask with a beard which we know defeats the point.

2 metre social distancing

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Don’t get distracted

With all these new measures in place it’s easy to be distracted with questions such as “Did I wipe this weight machine down?” “Is my mask on correctly?” “Is that person 2 metres away?”.
Please focus on your task at hand and keep your form to prevent injury.

Remember It’s Ok To Workout At Home


With there being no promises of gyms being open around your local area or even any guarantee of being able to get in there with building capacity limits, you can still get your workout in at home. It’s about feeling comfortable whilst you’re working out and there’s nothing wrong with getting into a new routine that you’re not used to and testing your limits. There are plenty of apps and online bodyweight workout routines that you would be surprised how effective they really are for building muscle and shredding weight. Below are just a few of my personal favourite go to links:


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