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Beginners Guide To Google Adwords

Learn the basics of Google Ads and how to generate new leads to your website and maximise your sales through various PPC campaigns. Learn how to set up campaigns effectively to manage your Ad Spend and increase your ROI.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Website With Google Ads?

PPC campaigns are instant and effective way to get your website to the top of Google search in the sponsored ad section. Google ads has two platforms to choose from ‘The Search Network’ and ‘The Display Network’. Each have their own benefits to advertising on them and each have their own campaign settings and bidding strategies.

Google Ads Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, There Is Help

Now when it comes to creating your first Google Ad there are so many options it can be completely overwhelming. Now don’t feel your like you’re alone there because there are many marketers in the same boat and its their field of expertise. Google is forever updating and adding new features but also taking them away so we have to be on the ball and stay up to date with whats going on in the world of Google.

That’s not the end of the world though if you don’t have the budget to pay for a digital marketer to take care of this for you as Google themselves actually have an online ‘Academy for Ads‘.

Academy for ads covers every area of Google Ads you can learn the ins and outs of ‘The Search Network’ and ‘The Display Network’, you can also take the exams to test your Ads knowledge. There are many topics to be covered in the online academy to broaden your knowledge further than just Google Ads.

Lets Jump In

Setting Up Your Google Ads Account

So first things first, you need to set up your ad account. If you don’t have a Gmail you can set one up really easily. You don’t necessarily have to do this but its my personal preference just so all your Ad account information is in one place. 

What Is Your Campaign Goal?

So you’ve now set up your account and you hit this screen. Now its time to set up your first advert. Google is very user friendly so if you’re inexperienced with Google Ads it offers you the option to do most of the leg work for you. Since we are talking about a basic 101 walk through we use of the options provided. For this blog post we will use the ‘Get more website sales or sign-ups’ option.

Which Business Are You Advertising?

Next it up you will have the option to choose which of your ‘Google My Business‘ listings you want to use for Ad Campaign. If you don’t yet have a listing it gives you the option to create one. ‘Google My Business’ is a free local listing on google maps and a feature on Google search with your business information such as opening hours, contact information and more. This free listing is a great opportunity to reach your local customers within a certain mile radius of your business. Optimise your listing the best you can by adding as much of your business information as possible such as your website, business hours, photos of products/services/team members and reviews.

Geo – Targeting

Now depending whether you own a brick and mortar store (Physical location) you are going to want to advertise within a certain mile radius around your store where people can come and visit.


Here you can target specific areas around the Nation. Id strongly suggesting inputting Cities or towns rather than just stating ‘United Kingdom’. The more effort you put into your targeting the better outcome of results.

Choose Your Business Sector

The next step of the process is where the real work begins. First of all pick the industry that this advert is going to be about. So for instance let’s say you run a Digital marketing agency and you offer social media marketing, website design etc. You’re not going to run one advert to advertise all of your services. Youre going to want to run seperate ads for each service and link them to the correct page on your website.

That being said there is nothing stopping you from running an ad promoting your business as a whole it just means it doesn’t leave much room to add in key words for your individual services in your ad title and metadescription.

Write A Compelling Google Ad

Writing a Google Ad is a task in itself and is the most Important and critical part of the process. You need your ad to be compelling and appealing to your audience whilst also adding your keywords that you want to be found for.Your Ad title is the first thing they are going to see. You want an enticing yet informative title that has your keywords linked in from your meta description. I’ve found the most effective strategy is to have a question as headline one, headline two to state what your link is about and then your meta description to answer the question.

Your meta description should be longer than your title but still short and descriptive with keywords matching those that are in your title.


Setting A Google Ad Budget

Before I go on to explain about setting a budget for your Google Ads I need to make you aware that on some campaigns Google will sometimes go over your set Ad spend limit upto a further £20 if they see fit and think it will generate a greater ROI.

Now when you’re thinking about setting a budget you need to consider the cost of your product or service. Can you justify a £500 Ad spend budget for products you sell at £5 each? Think carefully about your strategy before you set your budget.

This set up is strictly basic and my own professional opinion is that you start with a low budget and test the water to begin with. To generate the best results there are many different campaign set ups on the advanced settings feature. Before you decide to give the advanced settings feature a try please go to the ‘Google academy for ads‘ that I stated at the top of this post and take in some of the topics.

Although this is a really basic setup it can generate some results that provide a half decent ROI if you don’t have the budget to have a digital marketer run this side for you. I hope you have found the value from this post and I would appreciate if you would share to your Social media business connections. Please stay tuned for more Blog posts to come.

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