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Why don’t you connect with us on social media and see what we are up to on a day to day basis. With our ever growing community you can not just connect with us but others on their fitness journey. We value each and every one of the people that come on over no matter what stage they are at along the journey.

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Should I speak to my doctor before I start?

If you are making a drastic change to your lifestyle or plan to use any supplements on your journey always consult with a doctor first.

I don't eat meat, is that a problem for me?

We get asked this quite a lot. There are many alternatives to getting the nutrients you need that are found in meat. Not eating meat is not an issue.

I have never really worked out before does that matter?

Everybody has to start somewhere no matter the age. There is no set date to start your fitness journey and begin working out but consult with a doctor before making any drastic changes or taking any supplements.

Are you qualified to be offering these routines and plans?

Our fitness instructors (personal trainers) are qualified to different levels and PB Fitness can cater to all levels of people looking to work and train with us.

Can I do this from home?

You can definitely do this from home. We know that we have an audience broader than Manchester, United Kingdom that would like to train with us which is why we have multiple social media channels that have workout routines and diet plans catered to help all.

I feel like im too old to change?

You are never too old to make a change. physical fitness works hand in hand with mental fitness and we encourage the older generation more than the younger to get active and stay in shape.

Do I need any equipment?

Although equipment would be beneficial we can help you stay fit using your own bodyweight and have routines that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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