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Gain an insight into Pete Brierley marketing a freelance digital marketer and web designer based in Manchester. Also learn about how I came into the Digital Marketing and Web Design industry.

My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

Your audience is forever learning and to put it bluntly you’re actually someones audience yourself. How many times have you searched for something online or even spoken to someone about something over the phone or via messenger and then scrolled down your newsfeed and seen an advert for it or something similar?

Audiences have now learnt to ignore these ads in newsfeeds and simply just continue scrolling by. So what do you do now? How are you to justify the marketing budget you have set aside for paid ads? Is the content you’re posting completely irrelevant and you’re wasting your time?

Get in touch and we can discuss what options are available for this digital era and how to capture your audiences attention.

About Pete Brierley

Pete Brierley

Pete Brierley


Pete Brierley has been in the digital marketing industry for 10 years working with a vast amount businesses. Ranging from public speakers and small telecoms companies through to national and international businesses.

He also runs an Independent record label called PBM Records Ltd which has over its 8 month presence on the internet has since appeared in 105 different countries across the globe. Promoting, publishing and marketing international singers and collaborating with some of the industries top connections.

Pete started out on the phones in a telesales company based in Manchester centre advertising google ads to small and medium sized businesses. He quickly realised this wasn’t what he wanted as a chosen career. During his spare time he looked for a career that would earn a decent living wage but also brought something in the day to day role that would also challenge him.

He found out that across similar lines that he was used to there were plenty of opportunities available as a digital marketer. After doing some research as to what was acquired to become a digital marketer he sat exam after exam and quickly obtained a fair few qualifications and became fully Google qualified.

What he learned after that is that qualifications don’t give you experience or a portfolio of past projects and clients so now he realised he were right back to square one. That being said he didn’t see his time as wasted as now he had the knowledge to be sure his clients were more than satisfied and that he knew the job would be done correctly.

Pete realised he had to start to small and start approaching smaller businesses as the chances of landing a big fish straight away were slim. Opportunities often kept arising but he were being undercut every time.
He decided to put self-employment on hold for a while and go back to a 9-5. He applied for a digital marketing role that were local and attended the interview where he sat and had a casual chat with the manager. He were asked what his thoughts were on web development and SEO which were conflicted with the manager but also gained the managers interest as to how Petes ideas could be implemented in the business.

The following week Pete walked into his new role as the digital marketing manager of national home furnishings company “Textiles Direct”. After being introduced to the rest of the staff it was time to get to work.

It was 2 weeks later that Pete was then approached by “Textiles Directs” sister company “Majestic Linens” an International wholesale company to hotels worldwide. Long story cut short Pete was now digital marketing manager for both of these businesses AT THE SAME TIME.

Now having plenty of experience under his belt he felt comfortable approaching self-employment for a second time round and hasn’t looked back at a 9-5 since.

Pete has since gained recognition from one of the top ten digital strategists in the world (Ranked by Forbes) Mr Glen Gilmore and also featured globally by one of the top ranking industry professionals website “Who-Is-Who”.View Peter Brierley's profile on Manchester Professionals

My Values

Here are my 3 core values when it comes to my work. I live by them and it has paid off everytime.


I take pride in my work and as the saying goes “you’re only as good as your last job”. I make sure Im available as many possible hours to answer any queries and rectify any problems as long as the project is in my hands. I pay attention to detail and make sure that the turn around of the project is as quick as possible.


I never stop learning. If my head isn’t in my laptop then I’m either networking with other people in the related industries or I’m watching seminars or listening to audio books. I won’t ever say I’m an expert as I don’t believe in the term as the industry is ever changing and there will always be something to learn but I will say is “very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.


I am very consistent when it comes to my work. I will never hand over a project unless I know I have put my 100% in to and there is possibly nothing else I can do in terms of achieving more. Results mean everything and a happy client will always refer you to someone else and there is no better marketing than word of mouth.

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