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About Pete Brierley Marketing

Here you will find out all about Pete Brierley Marketing and how we became the go to agency for all your digital marketing needs.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centred Around Learning & Growing With Your Users


We believe in an honest and straight forward approach when talking to our clients and potential customers regarding our marketing strategies and campaigns. We don’t scramble your brains with technical jargon and try to impress you with numbers as that doesn’t benefit you in the slightest. What we do is analyse your current situation, where you are in the market, what difficulties you’re currently having and then we come up with a strategy that will work for you best based on your interests and what you want to achieve.

We won’t up-sell you our services if you don’t want or need them as we believe that with our proven marketing techniques and unique formula your business will begin to see improvements within the first two months. We implement this formula into all of our campaigns across all platforms and even use it on our business to achieve unbelievable results and has the potential to triple your conversion rate.

The marketing industry is forever changing and new forms of advertising to attract new customers comes around every few years. It’s our job to find these new trends and implement them into marketing strategies to make sure you get the very best services from us and generate maximum results. We believe in complete honesty and transparency here at Pete Brierley Marketing and within these values we offer you free analytical reports and breakdowns every month at the end of your campaign.

Our Awesome Team

Peter Brierley

Peter Brierley

Founder & Owner

Pete Brierley is the Owner and Founder of Pete Brierley Marketing. With many years and certifications of digital marketing under his belt you can be sure he only settles for the best when it comes to techniques and results his business presents to its clients.

Our Values

Below are our core values and beliefs when it comes to implementing our campaigns.

We do everything by the book here at Pete Brierley Marketing. A job is never finished until it is done properly and has gained results, we put everything in to our marketing campaigns to show our clients that when done properly you gain results through any platform.
Not only do we offer training material and workshops to our clients but we are constantly learning ourselves through Google courses and content we receive. We try our very best to stay ahead of our competition and to make sure we can implement the best and improved techniques available.
We believe in consistency when it comes to marketing. Consistent results, consistent improved content and consistent traffic to your website to boost your sales.
Honesty is key between us and our clients and vice versa. We give you full analytical reports and breakdown at the end of every month to show you everything we have done and how we have spent your budget to improve your results.

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