How To Lose Weight Quickly


Please note that the information in this post is based on the broad audience and not on individual goals. This blog post is based on how to lose weight quickly and safely and not specifically aimed at any particular goals. Please seek your doctors advice before altering your diet and fitness levels (Specifically those that are entering this new lifestyle).

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There are many different ways to lose weight quickly in this day and age. 

Some people choose the natural approach of a diet plan and exercise whilst others join the latest craze of meal replacements, supplements or metabolic boosters and fat burners.

We are going to cover each of these options with their pros and cons and give you our opinion on what we think is the best option.



Changing your diet and exercising isn’t something that you can just jump straight into with ease. It’s a lifestyle change, breaking habits that you’re used to doing on a daily basis and switching them for new ones. That being said you can expect the first couple of weeks to be the most challenging, eating different foods you’re not used to eating, motivating yourself to get the workout routines done and swapping those 2 hours in the evening of scrolling through Facebook to researching new routines instead.

When it comes to losing weight quickly and effectively you can spend endless amount of hours online going from blog to blog, forum to forum, website to website trying to find a diet that you find appealing and think will work for you. I can pretty much guarantee they will all at some point mention calorie counting and calorie deficit.

CALORIE COUNTING: Counting the calories of each food you intake with each meal.

CALORIE DEFICITA calorie deficit is the shortage of the amount of calories consumed relative to the amount of calories needed to maintain current body weight.

A high fibre, low calorie diet I find works best with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Training. With a balanced high fibre diet you will be getting everything your body needs at a low calorie intake. The HIIT workouts are a form of training that will spike metabolism and keep your body burning fat all day. Losing weight entails of burning more calories than you consume, so this combination is a dream for anybody looking to lose weight naturally, quickly and safely.



There has always been a debate regarding whether nutritional supplements are needed or should be branded inedaquate. My belief is that it comes down to the supplement itself and the ingredients it contains. There are a lot of fad diets out there that seem to think you can replace meals with supplements and deem it to be healthy and beneficial. Any medical professional will tell you to pick a meal replacement shake with low sugars and artificial ingredients and it needs to be high in protein. Not only is your body not getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs from a balanced diet but majority of these shakes and tablets are full of sugars, preservatives and are heavily processed meaning that they’re more than likely doing your body harm than good.

Not convinced? If you think about it a lot of these shakes are bottled and in containers shipped out to retailers where they can be there for months or even in vending machines meaning they need to have a long shelf life. That being said they need to have preservatives and sugars and heavily processed which means they lose a lot of the whole food nutrition. This is why you see in supermarkets fresh produce is replaced on shelves a lot quicker than your packaged foods.

Metabolic Boosters & Fatburners

Metabolic boosters are manufactured with ingredients that are said to boost your metabolism in turn increasing weight loss. If you take a look at the label on any metabolic boosters the ingredients listed are likely to be green tea, caffeine, L-carnatine and resveratrol. All of which have medical studies INDIVIDUALLY proven to boost your chance of losing weight. Some companies sell products that supposedly boost your metabolism. Most claim they do this through a process called thermogenesis, or increased heat production. 

Fat burners run along very lines but they don’t always list all of the ingredients that you are consuming. This can be very dangerous for those that have allergies. Not only is it dangerous to those with allergies but manufacturers don’t actually accurately measure out the dose of each ingredient which can also be very dangerous and lead to side effects if you have too much of one of those ingredients.


We can never make your mind up for you but we can always offer you the best and safest advice. We would always suggest the most natural approach of a healthy diet and training to maximise the best results for your body. We appreciate that you want quick results but damaging your body isn’t the best way to go about it. Eating a balanced diet and training will not only benefit your body and help you reach your goals but it will also help you mentally and increase blood flow to the brain releasing chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins (happy chemicals) to tackle depression, anxiety and stress.

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